quarta-feira, 16 de dezembro de 2009


And if I asked you then
You follow for me, you would follow without looking back?
You go on without fear of regret?
Would you trust?

You hand over your eyes closed if I asked for,
To surrender without fear?
If I said I would be there waiting for you believe me?
You come to me?
Basically what we need is to close your eyes.
Hold hands, we give from the truth.
But if I asked you then you would follow without fear?
You follow for me?

You go on without looking back?
Without fear of regret.
Basically what we need is to feel completely
Of us feel whole.

If I asked you to follow
You follow for me?
Is to say that I always waited for you believe me?
Deep in the background we need is complicity.

Leandro Goulartt.